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Hello! My name is Latyshev Vladislav. You are welcome to my LAKIFAN kennel site. From my young age I have been involved with pure-bred or a non pedigreed dogs. Those dogs were small and large.

In 2004 our kennel name LAKIFAN was registered by the F.C.I. By now we have two breeds: the pug and the boxer. In my LAKIFAN kennel the first dog was UELSY FANTASTIC DREAM (FAINA) , the pug bitch, born in 2002.

The pug was the breed which I adored for a long time. They are so loving, affectionate, and playful, they have expressive eyes wherein you can see there soul. Pug will happily share with you a walk in the forest, or just calm rest at the sofa by TV.

Boxers were the point of my interest already in 1982. This is a highly intelligent breed, it blend together strength and gracefulness, courage and friendliness. Boxers are true-hearted friends and courageous defenders. My first boxer was AS-Erz GERALD (Grisha), who appeared at my home in 1983. GRISHA was the Winner of the Tallinn Shows in 1987 — 1989. He lived as long as 11 years. I still remember how self-devoted and intelligent he was.

Since 2004 we have boxer A'VIGDORSAFRODITA, we call her The Beautiful Rita. By now in my kennel there are 4 dogs: mentioned Fania & Rita and their puppies — the pug AS'GUNAPAL DREAM BEAUTY (Marfa) and boxer AS'GUNAPAL DIOR'S HANNA TO LAKIFAN (Hanna). I shall be glad with further companionship and collaboration with all visitors of my site. I appreciate the help, advices & support provided by kennels AS'GUNAPAL and FLINTSTYLE.

Best regards, Vladislav Latyshev.

tel. 7 352 413; mob.(372) 53 950 033; Rehemetsa küla, Tartumaa, Estonia